Design and Embroidery Terms and Conditions

This pages serves as a guideline and policy for our Design and Embroidery Process.

By shopping at our store you agree to these terms and conditions which you also confirm at checkout. 

You have option to send us your photo and embroidery details and get visualisation for 50 DKK before your purchase to avoid any misunderstandings and unrealised expectations or wishes. We are very happy to help you and give you the best experience and product.

The design Rules:

- Based on your selected style it is up to illustrator and designer to illustrate and digitise (digitising = process of creating embroidery file from illustration), your design or photo in the best possible way but in THEIR OWN creative style and expression which can be seen from our broad visual representation of previous work as seen on social media, unless otherwise agreed before the purchase. The slight dissimilarity with the reality and your picture compared to embroidery design is not a reason for a refund.

- The colour matching of thread colour with the illustration and your photo is done as accurately as possible but bare in mind that it is not possible to match all the colour and patterns on the designs therefore we reserve the right to choose the closest colour to the reality/illustration as possible but the colour not matching your expectations or reality to 100 percent is not a reason for complain or request of refund. There are way more colour in real life and your pictures then can be captured with colours of embroidery threads. 

- The quality of photo submitted is responsibility of customer and therefore if your photo does not reflect the reality for example by using filter, bad lighting or altering your appearance intentionally, it will be reflected on illustration and subsequently on the embroidery and we take no responsibility for such scenarios. Nevertheless you are very welcome to insert or send us any comments and suggestions about your photo or appearance. For example, colour of your hair, clothes or shading.